Home What's New Gambling Online About Blackjack, Composition-Dependent Strategy and Blackjack Software Triple Pocket Hold’em Video Poker About Us Basic Strategy Basic Strategy is a total-dependent strategy. This means it shows the player what is the best decision to make depending on the point total of his cards and the dealers card. This blackjack strategy does not take into consideration how many cards the player has; two or three or four. So the Basic Strategy is not the perfect strategy, but tradeoffs of not analyzing precisely every card composition are small. More about Basic Strategy here. Composition-Dependent Strategy As the name says, this blackjack strategy shows the best play based on every composition of the player's cards. Analyzing every possible game situation, this blackjack strategy gives players the biggest possible win chance. In other words, the smallest possible house edge. By using the composition- dependent strategy when playing certain single-deck games, the player can cut in half the house edge (comparing to the basic strategy). More about Composition-Dependent Strategy here Microgaming Classic Blackjack Blackjack Microgaming All Aces Video Poker Microgaming Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker Gold Blackjack Software using Composition-Dependent Strategy information, odds calculation and software for online casino games About Blackjack Blackjack Strategies iGaming Pal Concept Composition-Dependent Strategy iGaming Blackjack Software, FREE Download Card Counting The player counts used cards to determine if the deck contains more cards good for the dealer or for himself. Depending on each situation the counter changes his bet and adapts playing strategy. Card counting can be practiced only in land-based casinos; online casinos shuffle cards after every game. iGaming Blackjack FREE Software Play Blackjack using the best blackjack strategy and reduce house edge to just 0.080957% iGaming Blackjack Software
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