Home What's New Gambling Online About Blackjack, Composition-Dependent Strategy and Blackjack Software Triple Pocket Hold’em Video Poker About Us Introduction There are over 2,500 online gambling websites. Some online gaming sites are often owned by the same company. Almost all online casinos use casino software from a software vendor. The number of software vendors is much smaller then the number of online casinos. This also means that a lot of online casinos offer identical games (same look-and-feel, same rules and same house edge). Some of the well- established casino software vendors are: CryptoLogic, Microgaming, GTECH G2, Playtech, NetEnt, ...The most important criteria for choosing between casinos that use the same software provider are: Casino reputation, player satisfaction, quality of support and bonus programs. Moral Issue Online casinos do not shuffle real cards, do not throw real dice and do not spin roulette-wheels; they just generate random numbers via software. The question is - Can I trust them? Here are the answers for most casinos with good reputation using software from a well-established software vendor: - The Random Number Generator has been tested and approved by independent certification bodies. - Independent auditors review Online Casino's payout percentages on a regular basis. - Independent auditors review Online Casino's game randomness from played games on a regular basis. - Auditors reviews are published on Casino's webpage. They shouldn't need to cheat: They offer the same games played in land-based casinos, so they achieve the same payout percentage. If they cheat or have games with much bigger house edge, in the long run they will loose players and their reputation. And as I said before - One of the most important criteria to choose between online casinos is the casino reputation. One of the testing and monitoring agency for remote gambling platforms, random number generators and gaming operator applications is eCOGRA Microgaming Classic Blackjack Gambling Online Microgaming All Aces Video Poker Microgaming Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker Gold Blackjack Software using Composition-Dependent Strategy information, odds calculation and software for online casino games iGaming Blackjack FREE Software Play Blackjack using the best blackjack strategy and reduce house edge to just 0.080957% iGaming Blackjack Software
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