Home What's New Gambling Online About Blackjack, Composition-Dependent Strategy and Blackjack Software Triple Pocket Hold’em Video Poker About Us Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker April 17, 2012 Triple Pocket Hold'em Poker is a fun and innovative poker game. The house edge of this game is 2.2068%. The strategy for the first two cards can be summarized into a strategy table with 169 cases. Here is the strategy table. But if the player does not hold the first two cards, then we have for each first two cards 1225 cases. It is not practical to put so many data into a table. That’s why I have provided a free odds calculator. The odds calculator can be downloaded here. Play Triple Pocket Hold'em Poker at the following casinos: Ladbrokes Casino 32Red Casino Platinum Play Casino Game Rules Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker is an online poker game with five community cards and three sets of two pocket cards. After you have placed your bet, you click the Deal button. The first set of two pocket cards will be dealt to you. If you like the pocket cards, click Hold and they’re yours. If you don’t like them, click Deal Again and the pocket cards will be passed over to the dealer and you will receive a new set.   The same process with your second set of pocket cards: Hold if you like them, Deal Again if you want to pass them to the dealer and try for something better. The third set is the final set of pocket cards. If you rejected the first two, you have to keep the third. If you held one of the first two, the third set goes to the dealer.   So, at the end of the process you will have one set of two pocket cards and the dealer will have two sets. You win at Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker if your final hand beats both of the dealer’s hands. When you win at Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker, your payout depends on the strength of your winning poker hand. These are the payouts you can win: • Royal Flush pays 50 to 1 • Straight Flush pays 20 to 1 • Four of a Kind pays 10 to 1 • Full House pays 4 to 1 • Flush pays 2 to 1 • All other winning hands pay 1 to 1 Game Math For analyzing each possible game situation the software must go through 169 * comb(50;2) * comb(48;2) * comb(46;5) game cases. For each game situation the EV for every 3 plays must be calculated. Possible ways to play : 'Hold', 'Deal Again'/'Hold' and 'Deal Again'/'Deal Again'. Regardless of having a very fast poker hands comparison algorithm and using the Intel i7 2600 PC (software uses 6 threads in parallel) it will take about 280 days to calculate it all. So I have decided that every time the software should go through all possible 5-community-cards to go through 6000 random 5- community-cards. The number of all possible 5-community-cards is 1,370,754 = comb(46;5). This reduced the calculation to 29 hours.   After getting the numbers I chose some cases and ran them though all 5-community-cards to see the difference. Example : Player throws away K♦;8♥ and afterwards he gets 6♥;4♣ : All community cards: Hold EV = 59,3534% Deal Again EV = 75,1585% 6000 random community cards: Hold EV = 59.3932% Deal Again EV = 75,1355% The second test was to run/play some games using the calculated strategy to see how close it comes to the calculated house edge of 2.2068%. After 20,000,000,000 game simulations we get 2.20782549%. Despite the fact that the 20,000,000,000 games present a very small part of 2,511,587,045,167,200 possible games we get a very similar value. FREE Odds Calculator Triple Pocket Odds Download HERE Supported OS Microsoft Windows XP Microsoft Windows Vista Microsoft Windows 7 Microgaming Classic Blackjack Triple Pocket Hold’em Microgaming All Aces Video Poker Microgaming Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker Gold Blackjack Software using Composition-Dependent Strategy information, odds calculation and software for online casino games
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