Home What's New Gambling Online About Blackjack, Composition-Dependent Strategy and Blackjack Software Triple Pocket Hold’em Video Poker About Us Revolutionary New Blackjack Software Helps Shrink House Advantage Online blackjack players no longer have to worry about the notorious "house advantage", thanks to free, revolutionary new software that gives players the best winning chances in the most played online casino game of skill. Munich November 04, 2011 The software, available at http://www.igamingpal.com/blackjack_software.htm, reduces the house edge to just 0.080957%, as opposed to a house edge of 0.13% which is achieved when using basic strategy, according to iGamingPal owner Aleksandar Gilezan. "The iGamingPal goal is to help the player to play online casino games of skill by using strategies which ensure that there is the smallest possible house edge," Gilezan said. The software increases the player's winning chances by using the best possible blackjack strategy, which is known as Composition-Dependent Strategy. "This is more effective than widely used basic strategy", Gilezan explained. The software has been designed so that it monitors the game at online casinos. There is no need for players to look at strategy tables and no need to enter card values into the software. Although there are other blackjack software available, iGamingPal's software is unique because it is the only available tool or software that uses composition-dependent strategy and at the same time monitors the game. The composition-dependent strategy is based upon the exact cards dealt to the player. The basic strategy is based upon the total of the player's hand. "Our software provides the most detailed information for every game situation," Gilezan said. "For games supported by our software players cannot get more information per every played hand from books, web- pages, strategy tables or other blackjack software than they do from our software." Blackjack games supported by the iGamingPal software include Classic Blackjack from Microgaming, which is one of the most played online Blackjack games, and is offered by 160 online casinos. Those wishing to find out more information, or wishing to download this free software, may visit the iGamingPal website at http://www.igamingpal.com/blackjack_software.htm Stay tuned ! We have just started; a lot of new information is coming up soon. Microgaming Classic Blackjack What’s New Microgaming All Aces Video Poker Microgaming Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker Gold Blackjack Software using Composition-Dependent Strategy information, odds calculation and software for online casino games Poker Probability Play poker as a professional The Poker Probability software shows player's hand strength and his chance of winning and also shows all possible opponents’ hands with their strengths and winning probabilities. Poker Probability is 100% FREE. You can download Poker Probability from poker-probability.org
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